Christine Sneed (Mile-High MFA Faculty Mentor in Fiction) will have a new short story collection, The Virginity of Famous Men, published by Bloomsbury in September 2016.

Here she is on the Arts and Culture Blog of Evanston Public Library discussing her new work:

EPL:  Can you give Portraits fans a sense of what you’re working on next?  Do you have future plans for another short story collection or perhaps a return to poetry?  Also, rumor has it you’re working on a novel titled O Husbands!  Can you tell us a little about what to expect?  How does the process of writing a novel differ from work on a short story?

CS:  I already have a new story collection that’s been ready for about a year; it has more stories about fame and its title is The Virginity of Famous Men.  O Husbands! is going through a third revision and I hope it will be ready to go soon.  My agent has already sent some of it out to a few publishers, and it’s still under consideration.  O Husbands! is about polyandry, the female equivalent to polygamy.  It’s a comic novel but also a very serious one in that it looks closely at a lot of American double-standards about gender and sexuality.

I’m planning to start a new novel soon and am writing new stories too.